The Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC) provides the Bio-Express large-scale Genomic Data Analysis Cloud service for those researchers who need large-scale analysis servers or analysis technology.
    The Bio-Express is comprised of
  • A big data platform for efficient storage, management and utilization of large-scale bio data,
  • CLOSHA Integrated Automatic Analysis System with user-friendly interface and analysis environment,
  • GBox High-speed Transmission System that transmits a large amount of data at a fast rate.
  • The big data platform built on the in-house technologies and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) enables users to use both popular analysis programs and the Hadoop-based big data analysis program simultaneously. We also provide a variety of public data, including 1,000 pieces of genomes data and TCGA data to keep researchers updated with the latest public genome data.

CLOSHA Integrated Automatic Analysis System

  • Perform analysis works through simple workflow modeling
  • Use-friendly interface based on Drag & Drop
  • Simultaneous use of regular analysis programs and Hadoop-based big data analysis program
  • Ability to download and visualize analysis results
  • Ability to monitor the pipeline execution status and results
  • Providing a variety of analysis programs/pipelines

GBox High-speed Transmission System

  • High-speed transmission of large-scale bioinformation
  • Outstanding reliability and stability
  • Use-friendly interface
  • Efficient use of network bandwidths
  • Retransmissions / Transmission history log data

Big data platform using disk caching

  • Simultaneous use of regular Linux / Unix analysis programs and big data analysis programs for Hadoop
  • Cost effective and highly reliable with the use of Hadoop distributed file system
  • Job scheduling fine-tuned to high-speed a large amount of data processing
  • Providing services optimized to high-scale infrastructure system / high-speed transmission networks