• Bio-Express Korean Bioinformation Center(KOBIC)
    provides the cloud-based Bio-Express services for domestic researchers who engage in large-scale genomic data analysis
  • Bio-Express The Bio-Express facilitates researchers to perform large-scale genomic data analysis, and provides an environment where a new pipeline can be created, shared and extended by modeling the unit analysis processes in the form of workflow.


What is Bio-Express?
Cloud service for large-scale genomic data analysis

  • Cloud service for large-scale genomic data analysis
  • High-performance Hadoop-based infrastructure developed with in-house technologies
  • High-speed analysis of a large amount of data in a secure manner
  • Easy and convenient configuration of analysis pipelines
  • A large amount of data warehouse based on distributed file system
  • High-speed data transmission in a secure and reliable manner

What is a Workflow Management System, CLOSHA?
Workflow-based Integrated Automatic Analysis System

  • Efficient modeling of complex analytical processes
  • Registration/modification/deletion of analysis pipelines
  • Real-time display of pipeline status
  • Shared user data and pipeline sharing function
  • User-friendly interface with ease of use

Data integration automatic analysis hybrid pipeline

  • Integrated genomic analysis pipelines
  • State-of-art big data/regular analysis tool
  • Analysis pipelines based on big data/regular analysis tool
  • Automated processing of analysis pipelines
  • Supports the execution of various input/output pipelines